Monday, March 17, 2008

first few days o far

Hello all. I haven't had much free time. here goes a quicky update.

It took a total of 30 hours to get to Beijing. Our flight left on time, but after 7 hours of flying we had to turn around and go back to Los Angeles. There was a Very sick Passenger, he was suffering from Diverticulitis (sp?) anyway - we had to go back because of him. We landed back in Los angeles and Had a 2 hour wait until we tried again for the second time.

since were were soo late we had to change the plan of our tour. We arrived in Beijing at aprox 1 pm their time and went straight to the Forbidden City. NO SLEEP for most of us, we were up 48 hours. good news is none of us has JetLag because of it!!!
Anyway we went to the forbidden City it and through the entire tour the same thought came to me often.  This Place is Huge!!!

I took many pictures and our tour guide was great at giving us the History and Significance of many of the details of the Place. I watched the Last Emperor on the Plane over and so It was interesting to get more information about all the Palaces, concubines, and the Dragon Lady.

After forbidden City we walked to Tian amin (sp?) It is the Largest Square in the World and it was Huge.  more later