Friday, March 21, 2008

Guilin and Yangshuo

We went to Guilin and Yangshuo - It was very beautiful - I posted the pics - it is known for it mountains. Gulin is a smaller town - its quaint no pollution it is along the Li river - We climbed a peak and took some great pics of the city. We also took a tour through a cave. Its funny here in china we went through the cave and it was nothing like my tour of Crystal cave in Sequoias.

Here they showed you lots of rock formations and told you what animal it looked like or pointed out that another one looks like a vegetable ect. nothing about caves and how they are formed or anything - they also had lots of multicolored lights all around the cave and behind certain formations to highlight them. It was interesting - we have a different local tour guide in every city we go to as well as a National tour guide that comes with us to every city, Collin He is very nice he is teaching us Chinese. I can count to 5, say its too expensive, hello, I love you, Cheers and I can understand a few other things as well. Its fun - We all love the city we wish we could have seen spent more time there - we left and took a 4 hour cruise to Yangshuo. The pics i took are amazing. It rained in the early morning - so when were were traveling down the river their was clouds in between the mountains, mist - it really added to the beauty - if it was sunny with no clouds or mist - it wouldn't have been as nice - We saw Water buffalo and lots of Chinese farmers, bamboo boats, rice fields. It was all very scenic and very different from the big cities we had been in so far. Especially after being in Xian - very dirty and polluted - we were in heaven when we arrived. When we were on the River Cruise the Loal Tour Guide, Angela did the same thing, showing u the peaks and telling us what animals they looked like. it was funny - we all enjoyed - Ok Sheela just told me how much internet is costing me here - gotta go.
Im In Shanghi now - Ill write more later


Anonymous said...

Dood, the pictures along the river are so gorgeous!!!!! Wow! I like this part of your trip very much! :)



Shell said...

Glad you are having such a great trip!!!!!